Layout Kits, Recipe Pages, Custom Work, and MORE!

Custom Work & More!

We offer several types of custom work at It's Scrapbook Time!

  • Custom titles to add to your own pages
  • Custom titles to replace titles in our layout kits
  • School title/mascot kits
  • Create a different format kit from another
  • Assembly of our It's Scrapbook Time! paper piecings
  • Complete custom scrapbooks

Custom titles: 

You pick the cardstock colors, font, size, and what you want it to say and we will cut it for you.  You can choose to add shadows too!  Here are just a few options: 

Custom titles to replace titles in our layout kits:

Have you ever seen one of our layout kits and wanted to use it for something else other than what it's title says?  No problem... order a replacement title!  We'll make sure it matches the layout and fits in the same spot.  A simple example is changing a Disneyland title to Disney World, but think outside the box too and the possibilities are endless!  Our Wilderness Explorer Camp can become Boy Scouts, our Ariel's Undersea Adventure can become Our Little Mermaid's Swim Lessons, or our You had me at Woof can include your dog's name!

School title/mascot kits:

Over the years we've done soooo many custom title/mascot kits for people.  They are a great value and the perfect way to personalize a scrapbook.  You can order any school and we check their website for school colors and mascot.  Your kit will include enough pieces to spread across several layouts including grade labels, a mascot, the school name, and more!  Here are just a few we've done:   

Create a different format kit from another:

We can change the format of most of our kits.  This means we can scale our artwork down to turn a 12"x12" two-page layout kit into an 8"x8."  It also means if you see artwork you like on a recipe page, we can create a 12"x12" two-page layout kit for you using the same artwork and you get to pick the title.  You can also pick an individual month from one of our calendar projects and have it turned into a two-page layout kit too.

Assembly of our It's Scrapbook Time! paper piecings:

We want want everybody to be able to enjoy our layout kits so if you feel you don't have the time or desire to assemble the paper piecing artwork we can do it for you.  We will assemble it using Zig two-way glue and do the basic black and white penwork you see in the sample and tuck it into your kit.   

Complete custom scrapbooks:

We also can be a scrapbooker for hire.  We have many options from which to choose.  All custom scrapbooks require a consultation meeting to discuss expectations, scope of work to be done, and pricing.  This can be done via emails or in person if you are local.